Maggie Carter.

Maggie Kirkby (also Carter) was born on 15th May 1962. She is the mother of three children - Albert, Arthur and Georgia.

Biography Edit

Maggie Kirkby was born on 15th May 1962 in Amitel. While at school, she met Amos Carter and instantly fell in love with him. They did not come together until 1986, however. Maggie was the one who proposed in January 1987 and they married in September 1988. On 1st June 1991, Maggie gave birth to a child whom she name Albert. On 27th June 1994, she gave birth to another child, whom she named Arthur and on 18th October 1997, she gave birth to Georgia, a girl. They all lived in Amitel Lodge, Amitel, until 2009 when Maggie could not take the abuse from Amos any longer and they moved to London.

2017- Edit

They returned on 6th November 2017, for Amos' funeral. Maggie was a suspect in Amos' death but quickly wasn't a suspect anymore. She got together with PC Larry Wells and he proposes but she turns him down, just wanting to be his partner. She was shot in January 2018. The culprit was her own daughter, Georgia Carter.