Jack Bryant was born on 19th July 1986.

Biography Edit

Jack Bryant was born on 19th July 1986. In late 2009, he met Jessica Young on the streets and took her in and married her and adopted her child, Alan Young. After Jessica's friend, Janie White invited them to stay in Amitel Lodge, they arrived in March 2018.

2018 Edit

Jack arrived with his family in March 2018 but they left soon afterwards. They decided to leave the country and on 2nd May 2018, they collided with a bus on Amitel Motorway and got thrown into the moors. Jack had taken his seatbelt off as Alan was arguing with Jessica and he tried to hold him back. As they collided with the bus, Jack got launched out of the car and died instantly. His son David died a couple of minutes later.

Last Words Edit

Last Words: Everything's gonna be OK!