Episode 80 is the eightieth episode in the series.

Plot Edit

Maggie makes breakfast. Larry asks Albert and Arthur what Cameron Rich wanted. Arthur lays down the law and says that it's none of Larry's business and that he's not a part of the family. Jimmy tells Maggie that he's tended to Georgia's will. Georgia has given all the family, Jimmy, Bernice, Ava and Samuel all £32,000. She's given £16,000 to Charlotte and Calvin and £125,000 to Debbie, so £333,000 was in her will, which is all her savings from Amos. Maggie says she'll make sure that not a penny of Debbie's savings are used by anyone else. Maggie tells Jimmy that he's so good to the family. She offers him a seat on the board of Amitel Estates Ltd. Maggie says she'll give him £100,000 to do it. Maggie visits Georgia's grave. She decorates it by putting flowers on it. Ava sees Maggie there and offers to help look after Debbie. Maggie is astonished at her kindness. She fears it may be too much to ask. Ava says she's only a phone call away. Maggie spits on Amos' grave. She returns home to Larry sitting at the table. He tells Maggie that Jimmy may leave Amitel. Larry says that they should offer Jimmy Georgia's place in the family. Maggie slaps him round the face, saying that Georgia cannot be replaced and tells Larry that he's nothing to do with the family and that he should get out of her house. Larry offers to sell the pub and leave Amitel forever. Maggie says he should. Larry warns her not to let Jimmy go. Albert and Arthur have been discussing Cameron Rich all day. Arthur can't believe that they need to pay £10m to keep Amitel Estates. Arthur suggests they kidnap Cameron. Albert says he's already going to prison and that if he breaches his bail conditions, he'll be in prison for a long time. Arthur wonders if this is a ploy from Camitel Council. Albert assures him that it is genuine. Albert gets a call and says that he is in the next Fast and Furious film. They need him for a script reading now, but Albert says he can't. They say he has to come tomorrow or he's lost the job. Samuel tells Jimmy that there will be some woman strippers in The Queen's Head tonight. Jimmy agrees to come along. Samuel is scared because if Ava finds out, she'll kill him. Larry is serving drinks in The Queen's. Cameron asks for two pints. Larry asks Cameron what he wants with Albert and Arthur. Cameron tells him that it is confidential. Larry tells Cameron that their sister died only this Tuesday and they don't need any trouble. Cameron is sorry to hear it. Larry is convinced that Cameron is from Camitel and orders him out of The Queen's. Albert bumps into Cameron and they talk about Amitel Estates. Albert meets Jimmy and Samuel. The woman strippers come out. Albert laughs and leaves. Ava bursts in, sees Samuel watching them and is not very happy.

Characters Edit

  • Maggie Carter
  • Albert Carter
  • Arthur Carter
  • Debbie Carter
  • Bernard Kirkby
  • Jimmy Nash
  • Gary Sellers
  • Ava Owen
  • Samuel Owen
  • PC Larry Wells
  • Cameron Rich

Trivia Edit

  • Reviewers Review: Albert's got the job, Maggie can't deal with Debbie on her own, Jimmy could be leaving Amitel and Ava's not impressed with Samuel.

Locations Edit

  • Amitel Lodge - Interior, Land.
  • Field.
  • Road Leading into Amitel from Amitel Lodge.
  • The Queen's Head - Main Interior.
  • Church - Cemetery.