Episode 77 is the seventy-seventh episode in the series.

Plot Edit

Maggie makes breakfast. It is a bit of a shock that Sean has died so young. Georgia is feeling ill. Ava and Samuel arrive. Albert hugs him. Samuel greets everyone and tells Maggie that he wants to work on the farm. Ava thinks it is a waste of his talents. Samuel promises Ava he'll get another different job. Bernice and Jimmy arrive and Albert says they should do a family gathering. Albert says he'll go and get Jessica and that lot but Maggie tells him to leave them be. Arthur and Bob are out fishing. Arthur tells him that he needs to go to school. Bob knocks him over with the fishing rod and ties his hands behind his back. He leads him to Amitel Farm and the barn and ties him to a chair, puts a gag on and a bag over his head. Bernard is on London Street, getting the shopping ready for a real party. Albert goes for a little walk around the farm. He notices Bob locking the barn door and asks where Arthur is. He almost immediately knows what has happened and punches Bob in the stomach. He rescues Arthur from the barn. Arthur gets patched up by Dr. Gibson. Dr. Gibson decides to stay for the whole party. Georgia tells Maggie to get Debbie off to bed. Albert refuses but Arthur takes Debbie up. Albert and Arthur discuss Bob. He hasn't been to school since February. Arthur suggests sending him to their old school, the one with Mr. Morrow but Albert refuses. Bernice tells Maggie that she worked her first overnight shift in Amitel Shop. Jimmy says she still wants her own business. Bernice tells Maggie that she will use Richard Payne's house. Bernard comes back with beer. In The Queen's, Rev. Kirk orders Sex on the Beach. PC Larry Wells laughs at a vicar ordering a drink like that. Rev. Kirk tells Larry that it's for Megan. In the lodge, everyone is drunk. Georgia is tired and Albert lifts her up and carries her up the stairs to bed. Georgia says good night to everyone. She looks at the ceiling of her room and drifts off. A few hours later, Maggie is off her tits. Georgia wakes up and breaks down, crying. She can't take it anymore. After a few dozens of seconds of crying, Georgia is still. Downstairs, Maggie orders Albert to check on Georgia. He does so. They hear a scream from overhead. Albert comes running down, shouting that Georgia is white, her lips blue and her eyes blank!

Characters Edit

  • Maggie Carter
  • Albert Carter
  • Arthur Carter
  • Georgia Carter
  • Debbie Carter
  • Bernard Kirkby
  • Jimmy Nash
  • Bernice Hansen
  • Rev. Kirk
  • Ava Owen
  • Samuel Owen
  • Gary Sellers
  • Dr. Gibson
  • PC Larry Wells
  • Bob O'Brien

Trivia Edit

  • Reviewers Review: PC Larry Wells is laughing at the Reverend. Kirk and it is a heartbreaking day for the Carters that they knew would eventually come.
  • Last appearance of Georgia Carter.

Locations Edit

  • Amitel Lodge - Interior, Georgia's Room.
  • Stream by Ivy Cottage.
  • Amitel Farm - Ploughed Land, Barn.
  • The Queen's Head - Main Interior.
  • London Street.