Episode 70 is the seventieth episode in the series.

Plot Edit

Maggie makes breakfast. Arthur is shocked that Sonia is alive. She explains she faked her death and moved to Ireland. Arthur smashes his plate in anger. Maggie is sad as it was her best plate. Arthur screams that he loved Sonia, they were going to get married and she made him grieve for months and weeks and years. Sonia comes onto Arthur and he shouts that it's Janie he loves now. Later on, at lunchtime, Arthur and Janie are having a drink in The Queen's with Ava. Sonia walks in and Arthur teases her. Albert works on the farm, a bit sad. Jimmy asks what's wrong. Albert explains that Maggie will be lonely when Bernard dies and when Georgia dies and he's going to prison and if Arthur gets married to Janie, she'll all be lonely. Jimmy tells him not to talk about the family splitting up and he'll be there for Maggie. Albert thanks Jimmy. Janie, Arthur and Ava carry on their drink in The Queen's. Ava goes to see Jessica and Janie goes back to Ivy. Arthur is left alone with Sonia. She asks for 'the sex' and Arthur tells her she sounds like a rapist and murderer he knows. Arthur storms off and Sonia feels hurt. At the Lodge, Albert looks at a flat piece of grass. Albert confides in Jimmy that he wishes Rose was still here. Jimmy tells him he doesn't think Rose will come back. Things are strained when Arthur walks into Ivy. Janie asks Arthur if he loves Sonia. Arthur and Janie argue about Sonia. Janie storms off out of Ivy. Arthur is angry. In the mansion, Ava and Sonia chat together. Ava thinks of putting A Midsummer Night's Dream on in the church. Dr. Gibson arrives at the lodge. Albert complains of a bad back. Dr. Gibson suggests he comes to the surgery tomorrow. Albert accepts. Janie drives on the motorway and pulls over and tells Albert to take Arthur with him to her. Albert goes to the farm and tells Arthur. Larry advertises for a new barmaid in The Queen's. Jimmy reckons he'll get quite a few candidates because all the people in Camitel. Photographers take pictures of Larry's pub. Arthur and Albert come up on the motorway and Arthur confesses his love to Janie and she crosses the road but is run over and goes flying into the air and smashes into Albert's Lambo and then Arthur takes her out and puts her on the floor. Janie tells Arthur to have a good future with Sonia. She tells Arthur she loves him and stops breathing. She is dead and white. Arthur screams 'no'.

Characters Edit

  • Maggie Carter
  • Albert Carter
  • Arthur Carter
  • Debbie Carter
  • Bernard Kirkby
  • Jimmy Nash
  • Gary Sellers
  • Samuel Owen
  • Ava Owen
  • Dr. Gibson
  • PC Larry Wells
  • Janie White
  • Sonia O'Brien

Trivia Edit

  • This episode mentions Gerald White.
  • Last appearance of Janie White.
  • Reviewers Review: Sonia has faked her death for years, Janie has had an accident and Albert is worried.

Locations Edit

  • Amitel Lodge - Interior, Land.
  • Ivy Cottage - Interior, Land.
  • Amitel Mansion - Living Room.
  • Amitel Farm - Milking Shed, Pig Pen.
  • The Queen's Head - Main Interior.
  • Motorway.
  • Foundations of the Bryants' House.