Episode 5 is the fifth episode in the series.

Plot Edit

Maggie is making breakfast and crying. They haven't returned home. Georgia walks down the stairs, reassuring Maggie that everything is fine. Rose and Albert walk through the forest and kiss. They are being watched by Charlotte. Rose and Albert find the others. Charlotte tells Arthur she needs to talk to him. They all return home. Albert goes for a walk. Albert is punched to the floor by Arthur. Arthur tells Albert that he should never have kissed Rose. CHARLOTTE HAS TOLD ARTHUR!!!! Jimmy nearly hears. Arthur tells the Fullers and Nashes to go home. Jimmy is suspicious. Albert goes off down the road. Gary and Sean have been released on bail. They beat Albert up. Arthur is sexist towards Georgia. Arthur regrets it. Maggie is very angry with Arthur. Maggie goes off to The Queen's Head. Georgia looks for houses in London. Maggie finds Arthur in The Queen's Head. He is having one too many. Maggie takes him home. They notice Albert's body. Maggie dials 999. The ambulance takes Albert away. Arthur goes to Gary and Sean's house but it cuts there. What has happened? The next day, Rose arrives. Arthur tells her to leave. Albert threatens to throw Arthur out. Maggie, Arthur and Georgia leave. Albert tells Rose that when he was a kid, Amos beat him up and this is how he looked every night. Rose and Albert snog on the sofa.

Characters Edit

  • Maggie Carter
  • Albert Carter
  • Arthur Carter
  • Georgia Carter
  • Charlotte Fuller
  • Calvin Fuller
  • Gary Sellers
  • Sean King
  • Jimmy Nash
  • Rose Nash

Trivia Edit

  • Reviewers Review: Albert has been beaten up and what has Arthur done?

Locations Edit

  • Field
  • Amitel Lodge - Interior, Land.
  • Amitel - Side Roads.
  • The Queen's Head - Main Interior.