Episode 39 is the thirty-ninth episode in the series.

Plot Edit

Larry makes breakfast in Maggie's place. Rev. Kirk calls round and gives Ava and Samuel his blessing. Albert and Samantha return to Amitel Lodge. Georgia talks to Albert in private and tells him that it was obvious that we went to America to get away from Audrey's funeral. Arthur is arrested by PC Jamie Blair for Maggie's shooting. PC Bradley Hines questions Albert if he's seen Gerald at all. The Rev. Kirk turns up at Aidan's house and tells him about Albert and Samantha's affair. In prison, Arthur spots Maggie. They get chatting but it cuts short when Arthur is taken for questioning. He is then released without charge. When Arthur returns home, they all go over to The Queen's Head as renovation work is done! At The Queen's, Albert is called by an American asking him if he wants to be in the new Fast and Furious movie. He tells the man to come around Amitel Lodge tomorrow. Albert and Samantha talk on Suburb Lane and Albert tells her that he loves Rose. AIDAN HAS BEEN LISTENING!!!!! Samantha tells Albert she never wants to see him again.

Characters Edit

  • Maggie Carter
  • Albert Carter
  • Arthur Carter
  • Georgia Carter
  • Jimmy Nash
  • Gary Sellers
  • Aidan Keith
  • Samuel Owen
  • Ava Young
  • Gerald White
  • Bernice Hansen
  • Rev. Kirk
  • Megan Kirk
  • PC Larry Wells
  • PC Jamie Blair
  • PC Bradley Hines
  • Samantha Keith

Trivia Edit

  • Reviewers Review: Arthur has been arrested and released, the search for Gerald continues and Albert has been asked to be in a famous film.

Locations Edit

  • Amitel Lodge - Interior, Land.
  • Amitel Prison - Leisure Room, Interrogation Room.
  • The Queen's Head - Main Interior, Toilets.
  • Main Street.
  • Suburb Lane.
  • Aidan's House.