Episode 35/36 is the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth episodes in the series put together.

Plot Edit

Maggie makes breakfast and applauds Albert for rescuing Chad. Larry tells Maggie about the renovation work on The Queen's Head. Maggie says something stupid. PC Jamie Blair arrives and tells the family there were fingerprints found on the floor the day Maggie was shot. Arthur is still the prime suspect. Albert is so guilty he has to walk out of the house. He goes for meditation in the old cottage and sees Samantha there. He and her flirt and become passionate. They kiss and get ready to have sex before Rev. Kirk catches them and accuses Albert of adultery. He throws the Reverend off his land. Albert returns to Amitel Lodge and has to run straight upstairs as he is so guilty. Maggie thinks that she might've been shot by Albert. Larry returns home for Lunch. Arthur and Albert argue about how Albert cheated on Rose with Samantha but Albert insists that it was one kiss and tells Arthur to ask Rev. Kirk. PC Jamie Blair and PC Bradley Hines arrive trying to find Gerald White about Audrey's death. Albert and Larry argue and then Georgia has a heart attack. Larry calls an ambulance. Georgia dies. Maggie screams and screams and screams. The Nurse arrives but as he is about to take Georgia to the place dead people go, he finds a pulse and rushes her into hospital. She recovers and everyone returns home. The baby is fine. Chad joins everyone for dinner. He has a headache but as Maggie is going to get him some pills, he collapses. They call an ambulance and the Nurse explains as soon as Chad collapsed he died. The cause was a brain haemorrhage. Maggie is horrified. Albert and Samantha decide to go to America for a few days.

Characters Edit

  • Maggie Carter
  • Albert Carter
  • Arthur Carter
  • Georgia Carter
  • Aidan Keith
  • Gary Sellers
  • Samuel Owen
  • Ava Young
  • Gerald White
  • Chad Savage
  • Rev. Kirk
  • Megan Kirk
  • PC Larry Wells
  • PC Jamie Blair
  • PC Bradley Hines
  • Samantha Keith

Trivia Edit

  • Reviewers Review: Albert has been cheating on Rose with Samantha, Georgia has had a heart attack, Chad has died of a brain haemorrhage and Albert and Samantha have run off to America.
  • First appearance of PC Bradley Hines.

Locations Edit

  • Amitel Lodge - Interior, Land.
  • Hospital - Ward.
  • Cottage - Interior, Land.