Episode 22 is the twenty-second episode in the series.

Plot Edit

Maggie makes breakfast. She is not herself. Georgia is worried. She confides in Arthur. Arthur tells her to worry about her leukaemia and let Albert worry about Maggie. Maggie asks Albert to go and buy her a dishwasher. She can't be bothered to do the washing up. Rose gets breakfast. PC Larry Wells, Gary and Sean turn up. PC Larry Wells is supporting Maggie in the hard times of LEROY ALLEN trying to take Amitel Lodge from under her clutches. Maggie is angry with Albert. Gary and Sean are finally making themselves useful. Rose and Arthur kiss. The Fullers arrive. Charlotte has a cuppa and Calvin goes for her job. Albert goes to get Maggie's dishwasher. Arthur wants to give 5% of Amitel Estates to Calvin, but doesn't know how he'll get around Albert. Later on, everyone is upstairs. Leroy Allen breaks in. He finds the documents. They read: 100% of Amitel Estates. Owned from 1939-1978. Amos Carter. 100% of Amitel Estates. Owned from 1978-2017. Albert Carter. 100% of Amitel Estates. Owned from 2017-. Maggie comes down and shouts for Arthur. Leroy knocks her on the ground. Arthur chases Leroy on the highway. HE HAS STOLEN THE DOCUMENTS!!!!! It now says: Leroy Allen. 100% of Amitel Estates. Owned from 2018-. Arthur cuts in front of him. Leroy has a massive car crash and lands in water. Arthur rescues him and then tells him that it doesn't matter what he writes on a document, it's all online. Arthur leaves him deserted. Jimmy calls round and tells the Carters that he's selling his house. Maggie thinks about it. She thinks it might be nice for Albert. Maggie and the family have dinner. Leroy enters with a gun and holds everyone hostage. Albert confuses him and then kicks him in the balls and throws him out of the house. Everyone is bewildered.

Characters Edit

  • Maggie Carter
  • Albert Carter
  • Arthur Carter
  • Georgia Carter
  • Charlotte Fuller
  • Calvin Fuller
  • Sean King
  • Gary Sellers
  • Jimmy Nash
  • Rose Nash
  • Ava Young
  • Samuel Owen
  • Leroy Allen
  • PC Larry Wells

Trivia Edit

  • Reviewers Review: Leroy Allen wants Amitel Lodge and has a car crash and Gary and Sean make themselves useful.

Locations Edit

  • Amitel Lodge - Interior, Land.
  • Motorway.