Ava Owen (previously Young)

Ava was born as Ava Young on 20th April 1997 and younger sister to Jessica Young.

Biography Edit

Ava was born on 20th April 1997 in Liverpool. In 2000, the family moved to London and Ava liked the village of Amitel. She chose her school to be there and became friends with Georgia Carter who is in the lower year. She left in 2008 but returned in early December 2017.

2017- Edit

Ava Young has a massive car crash when Kirk Davies crashes into her and causes her to go flying in the air. She is taken to Amitel Lodge by Albert and reunites with Georgia; whom she hasn't seen for nearly ten years! She meets Samuel Owen in late December 2017 and they are engaged within one week of meeting! They get married in early February 2018 and go on their honeymoon.