Arthur Carter

Arthur Carter is the second son of Amos and Maggie Carter. He was born on 27th June 1994. His siblings are: Albert Carter and Georgia Carter. He was always the loved son out of him and Albert as Amos always abused Albert as he was unplanned.

Biography Edit

Arthur Carter was born on 27th June 1994 to Amos and Maggie Carter. His first memory was around 1995 when Amos raped Albert for the fourth time. His sister Georgia was born in 1997. Little Arthur was scared for the newborns life but Amos did nothing to Georgia. Around 2004, Arthur had had enough and when Amos punched Albert, he beat up Amos. Arthur was arrested but released on bail. His court date was 8th January 2005. He was sentenced to eighteen months shortened to twelve because of his appeal two months in. He returned on 8th February 2006. He moved to London with Maggie, Albert and Georgia in 2009.

2017- Edit

He returned for his Dad's funeral on 6th November 2017. He was a suspect in the death of his father, Amos Carter but proved innocent. He had a relationship for a few days with Rose Nash and then Ava Young but is now single. He is a suspect in the shooting of Maggie Carter.