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Amitel was created on 3rd November 2017 and episodes began to air on 6th November 2017. It is set in the town of Amitel which is fictional and near to London. It connects to London by the Amitel Motorway. Read more at Amitel.


It is the funeral of Amos Carter, the father of the family. Maggie, Albert, Arthur and Georgia arrive for his funeral. They meet Charlotte and Calvin Fuller. While Amos is buried, Albert hides at The Queen's Head and meets Jimmy and Rose Nash. Albert is annoyed so many people know Amos. Albert returns to the car. Arthur punches Albert. Georgia stops it. Maggie tries to bring Arthur and Albert together. Albert wants to go back to London, Maggie tells him they can't. Albert is angry. They arrive at Amitel Lodge. Maggie is sad about Amos' death. Georgia asks Albert to be happy. Charlotte and Calvin arrive. Maggie doesn't let them in. Georgia is wondering why Maggie was being nasty. Albert goes to The Queen's Head. Georgia tells Maggie they should go home, but Maggie wants to stay. Albert has stayed at the pub late at night. He is drunk. Stephen says he is shutting the pub, but Albert doesn't leave. Albert collapses. Stephen takes Albert home. Arthur and Maggie help Albert up the stairs.


Amos Carter


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