Albert Carter

Albert Carter was born on 1st June 1991. He has had a terrible life. He has a brother and a sister: Arthur Carter and Georgia Carter.

Biography Edit

Albert Carter was born on 1st June 1991. He was the unplanned child of Maggie Carter and Amos Carter. During the very early years of Albert's life, Amos punched and kicked him occasionally. But when Albert was 3, he started to abuse him regularly and raped him for the first time. Throughout the 90s, Albert had to take this. When his brother, Arthur was born in 1994, he thought that Amos would abuse him too, but he didn't. His sister Georgia was born in 1997. By 2004, Albert could fight back from Amos and there were punch off's every night. Maggie couldn't take it and they moved to London in 2009.

2017- Edit

Albert returned for his Dad's Amos' funeral in November 2017. During that month, he was blamed on multiple occasions for his Dad's death and perverted the course of justice, but was found innocent. He found love with Rose Nash, but that ended quickly. He is now a suspect in Maggie Carter's shooting.